THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN COUNCIL FOR LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES (RMCLAS) is the oldest Latin American academic organization in the world. Formation of the organization began in 1953 at the University of New Mexico (UNM) and the first annual meeting was held in 1954. Other regional organizations soon followed RMCLAS' lead and the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) which sprang from the regionals, was not organized until the 1960s. Theo Crevenna, University of New Mexico, was one of the founding members of RMCLAS.

William H. Beezley
University of Arizona

Mark Burkholder
University of Missouri, St. Louis

RMCLAS Conference
Tucson, AZ
Marriott University Park
April 8-12
Conference Page

Click Here for a History of RMLCAS by Susan Deeds

Connect with RMCLAS Tucson 2015 on Social Media!

Not only will the annual meeting in Tucson be one of the biggest yet, but for the first time we'll have a big social media presence as well!

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Use #RMLCAS2015 to connect your posts (inquiries, information, live-Tweeting events, photos, etc.) with those of other RMCLASistas.

Social Media Team 2015:

Celeste González Bustamante, University of Arizona ( / @celestgdb)

Catherine Tracy Goode, Mexico Research Network ( / @researchinthedf)

Robert Jordan, Colorado State University ( / @rjordan_csu)

Farren Yero, Duke University ( / @feyero)

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